Streetcars of San Francisco

San Francisco has amassed one of the most unique and beautiful collections of operational streetcars, trolleys, and trams from around the world. If you walk down Market Street or the Embarcadero, you can see these classically designed streetcars moving through the city. 

Iā€™m fascinated by these historic forms of transportation interweaving throughout the modern city. My mission is to photograph and catalog each individual streetcar to understand this collection on a deeper level. To highlight the unique design features of each vehicle, the subject is isolated from its background and transformed into a visual and historical analysis of form, color, design, and culture. The city of San Francisco is abstracted as an overlay of colors and skylines, situating each streetcar in its modern-day environment, while allowing the cars themselves to shine. 

The digital photos are printed on archival paper, mounted on wood, and sealed in resin. 

Los Angeles Transit Lines No.1080 Built 1946

228 Blackpool, England No.228 Built 1934

Zurich, Switzerland No.737 Built 1952

MelbourneAustralia (W2Class) No.496 Built1928

Powell/Hyde Car Market Street Railway Company No. 16 Built 1896

Powell & Mason Car Market Street Railway Company No.25 Built 1896

Powell/Hyde Car, Market Street Railway Company No.12 Built 1896

Balboa Park; San Diego, California No.1078 Built 1946

Minneapolis, St.Paul Minnesota No.1071 Built 1947

San Francisco Municipal Railway 1950s No.1006 Built 1948

San Francisco Municipal Railway 1960s No.1051 Built 1948

Milan, Italy (1930s Edition) No.1818 Built 1928

Los Angeles Transit Lines No.1080 Built 1946

Chicago Illinois No.1058 Built 1948

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania No1062 Built 1948

Boston Elevated Railway No.1059 Built 1948

Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company No.1060 Built 1947

Muni Wings No.1008 Built 1948

El Paso, Texas; Juarez, Mexico No.1073 Built 1947

Milan, Italy No.1895 Built 1928

Cincinnati, Ohio No.1057 Built 1948

Toronto, Canada No.1074 Built 1946

San Francisco Muni No.1 Built 1912