Defenestration #1-5

The following series of photographs explores the relationship between identity and impermanence in urban structures. 

The Hugo Hotel Defenestration art installation by Brian Goggin represents many moments in time for San Francisco residents. It was a one of a kind art piece situated at the often wild intersection of Howard and 6th Street. It’s weirdness, vibrancy, and energy made the project an unforeseen icon of the neighborhood.

I was lucky enough to photograph the hotel before it was demolished in 2014. Five photographs were created in this series. Each image represents a unique moment in time and has been crafted to emulate that vibrancy. This series strives to capture and recreate the color, spirit, and identity that it gave to 6th Street.


noun: formal humorous

“the action of throwing someone or something out of a window”

24'' x 36'' Photograph fused on Aluminum (Editions of 10) : 2016